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For your viewing pleasure 😉

We miss you guys and can't wait to see each and every one of you!!!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy ♡

→ Curls LOVE moisture! Spray the ends with a leave in conditioner to help fight frizz and encourage curl clumps.⁠

→ Don't let hair air-dry to much before you start wet-styling!⁠

→ Try using a T-Shirt instead of a towel.⁠

→ Different textures require different styling product⁠

→ DON'T TOUCH while it's air drying!!!⁠


❗️Have areas that are a little frizzy after it dries?❗️⁠


☆ Try wetting your hands and finger wrap your frizzy section into a nicely formed ringlet. Let it air-dry then break up curl cast.⁠

Tutorial on wet styling

Facebook Live with

Nicole Simon

Things we cover:

→ How to prep bangs for cutting
→ How to section bangs for cutting
→ How to hold comb and shears
→ What angle the shears need to be
→ Where to place the hair for cutting


What NOT to do:

→ Don't pull hair too tight, hold hair loosely
→ Angle the shears, don't cut straight across
→ Don't cut them at the eyebrow or bridge of the nose



→ Longer is better. You can always cut them shorter.
→ Pull each section to the center and point cut to create a rounded fringe.
→ Try not cutting them and pull them to the side to create a side bang.

Have any questions? Go to my blog and leave a comment 💋

We are here to answer any questions you may have...

Things we discuss are:

→ Dangers of box color

→ Solutions to hide the grey

→ What color correction looks like

→ How we are going to reschedule everyone

Have any other questions? Would you like to see a specific tutorial video?

Go back to my blog and leave a comment 💋

Facebook Live with

Adrena Thurmond

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