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Thinking about buying box color from the grocery store?

Don't do it! Color correction is way more costly and can be harsh on the hair.

We totally understand why you would want to use box dye, especially right now. It's easy to access, there's so many options, they make it look so easy to do.

Box dyes are extremely dangerous to your hair. It can cause excess damage and over time break your hair off. I know, at first your hair feels all shiny and soft, but over time it becomes dull, dry and maybe even frizzy.

With box dye, there is no control. There is no way to tell what is in the color, how strong the developer is, and what color your hair will turn. Sometimes it can never come out, unless you cut it off.

Chemicals in box dyes can react badly with professional color lines. So if your box color turns your hair too dark, or you have blotches and orange patches trying to lighten it, this will create a massive color correction that will end up costing you big bucks. And there is NO guarantee that you will be able to get it all out.

Is that $10-30 you spend on box dye worth $250-$500 color correction?

Here is a solution... Go on pinterest and save all the colors and cuts you love and want. This will get you excited and ready for when you can come to the salon.

And I bet you look super cute in a hat 😉

xoxo ♥︎

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