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Live with Nicole Simon

How to video about our most second most commonly asked question... To view video, either tap on pic ↓↓↓ or visit

Thinking about cutting your bangs?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We understand! Here are a few tips that might help...

Tips, tricks and pointers... And what NOT to do, lol

Things we cover:

→ How to prep bangs for cutting → How to section bangs for cutting → How to hold comb and shears → What angle the shears need to be → Where to place the hair for cutting

What NOT to do: → Don't pull hair too tight, hold hair loosely → Angle the shears, don't cut straight across → Don't cut them at the eyebrow or bridge of the nose

Tips: → Longer is better. You can always cut them shorter. → Pull each section to the center and point cut to create a rounded fringe. → Try not cutting them and pull them to the side to create a side bang.

Did we forget anything? Anyone have any questions?

xoxo ♥︎

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